How We Work:

Coaching. Strategy.

Creation. Management.

"The path to success is to take massive, determined action"

Tony Robbins

Our Packages:

Your Kickstart To Star Power!

aka "The Jab"

Buy back 40 hours of your time a month

We believe anyone who desires to become a thought leader & influencer using social media should have access to the same services that the big dogs do.

Our Kickstart Plan aka The Jab makes this possible.

  • Strategy call to prepare for recorded conversation

  • Recorded conversation centered around your brand & current initiative

  • Recorded content edited into short form content to be used on your social media

Starting At $899/mo

3 month minimum

The Right Hand

Be The Expert aka Thought Leader

You can expect to feel an immediate difference in your focus, your mindset and the messaging your putting out to the world.

This is where the traction becomes real.

  • 1 Coaching call a month. This will keep objectives front and center as well as accountability & momentum.

  • Create message clarity and call to actions

  • Our team of expert content creators, copywriters & editors will take the content you provide and turn it into content that takes your brand to influencer status.

  • Daily content scheduling & posting to your 2 best platforms

  • 2 Hours of social media moderation a day

  • Community engagement strategy. This will help you with prompts to interact with your audience to increase affinity for your services.

  • Monthly analytics report will keep you lasered in & growing.

  • You will claim your position as the trusted expert in your industry

From $3,995/mo

3, 6, 12 month options

The Right Hand + Left Hook Combination

Be The A-Lister

Your Time To Rise

Above The Noise In Social Media

This is where you put it all together with a beautiful combination to be able to elevate your position

in your industry and have your social media making money!

  • Done for you A-lister content creation & messaging

  • A-lister video editing

  • Dedicated Sales team to monetize your content

  • Social media stories set up for offers

  • Goggle analytics tracking (optimized google search)

  • Weekly coaching calls for growth & accountability

  • Direct connect with Jab Juice team via Voxer

  • Expert copywriting for sales & attraction optimization

  • Effective & direct messaging to attract who you desire to serve most and result in a higher ROI

  • Social media auto responders (triggered by keyword) for conversion and higher ROI

  • Profitable event planning

  • You're social media will be an undeniable stream of revenue!

From $8,995/mo

3, 6, 12 month options


The Reality Show Of Your Life

Create undeniable leverage & momentum for your business & career

Ready to pull out the big guns?

This is for the individual who's ready to push their brand with speed and have the horsepower and manpower behind them to reach STAR POWER status.

STAR POWER changes the trajectory of your life.

6 month minimum

Miami, Florida, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA